• فروش
₺79,000 / From
Address: Alanya / Oba
  • اتاقها 1, 2, 3
  • اتاق پذیرایی 1
  • سرویس بهداشتی 1, 2


  • تیپ:
  • Parking : 1
  • اتاقها : 1, 2, 3
  • اتاق پذیرایی : 1
  • سرویس بهداشتی : 1, 2
  • سال ساخت : 2015


Nordic  Residence consists of 117 apartments (flats), It’s constructed on the road to Dimçay, dominating the region, on a 5.500 m² land with sea view. It’s located 2,5 km’s far to Alanya city centre and only 1 km’s to Alanya’s big shopping malls. Since our Site is centrally located it’s only a 5 min. short walk to restaurants, supermarkets and to the beach. It’s only 200 m’s to the beach and 3 km’s to the famous Dimçay picnic area, and we feel proud of that it’s one of the rare sites that succeed to draw all attentions toward it because of its quality.



 Apartments’ specifications

  • High quality full decoration
  • Inverter air conditioners in every room
  • Shower cabin
  • Videophone system
  • Water heating system
  • Rooms and kitchen lighted with spotlights
  • All rooms with gypsum sheathing
  • Granite kitchen counter
  • Kitchen cupboards covered with lacquer paint
  • High ceilings
  • Nano granite ceramics on the floor
  • Non slippery ceramics in bathrooms and balconies
  • Underfloor heating in bathrooms
  • High quality bathroom equipment
  • Elevator call button in apartments
  • Sea, pool and garden view


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