Tosmur Garden

  • فروش
₺69,000 / From
Address: Alanya / Tosmur
  • اتاقها 1, 2, 3
  • اتاق پذیرایی 1
  • سرویس بهداشتی 1, 2


  • تیپ:
  • Parking : 1
  • اتاقها : 1, 2, 3
  • اتاق پذیرایی : 1
  • سرویس بهداشتی : 1, 2
  • سال ساخت : 2016


New residential complex Sun Palace Residence is located 400 m away from the Mediterranean coast in Tosmur – practically in the centre of the city – just 4 km away from the historic XIII century fortress of Alanya. This complex is a perfect combination of reasonable prices, high quality building materials and infrastructure worthy of the highest category hotels. The residential complex consisting of two nine-storey blocks offers each resident unlimited use of spa, swimming pool, playgrounds, restaurant and covered parking. The complex is located on a hill, so starting from the fifth floor each apartment overlooks the sea. Within walking distance you will find supermarkets, street markets, pharmacies, coffee shops, schools and public transport. The complex covers a total area of ​​4250 m2. Green spaces and common area are spread across 3490 m2.

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Massage room
استخر سرپوشیده
استخر شنا
استخر شنای کودکان
برق اظطراری
حمام ترکی
زمین بازی سرپوشیده و روباز
زمین تنیس
سالن بازی
سالن ورزش
سونا بخار
میز بیلیارد و پینگ پنگ
نگهبانی 24ساعته در طی هفته
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