Dolce Vita

  • Продажа
₺59,000 / From
Адрес: Alanya / Mahmutlar
Местоположение: Аланья, Аланья - Махмутлар
  • Комнат 1, 2, 4
  • Количество комнат 1
  • Ванных комнат 1, 2


  • Тип:
  • Parking : 1
  • Kitchens : 1
  • Комнат : 1, 2, 4
  • Количество комнат : 1
  • Ванных комнат : 1, 2
  • Год постройки : 06/2015



1. Ideal location: The complex is located on one of the central streets of Mahmutlar, close to the center, to the sea, to the social infrastructure (shops, restaurants, cafes, buses, pharmacies, markets, and other things). From the central balcony of the complex with views of the sea and the mountains.

 2. Aesthetic pleasure: Fitness center, sauna and steam are designed on the ground floor of the complex (no more basements). Natural light and good ventilation so you can -only with health benefits for sports, and add another beautiful view from the window – sports will be doubly productive. After a workout, you can relax in the relaxation room with sauna and steam room. But that’s not all, in the courtyard of the complex will be located a small garden with a fountain.

 3.Practical: Mediterranean Sea – which means it will be hot. Hot weather – is the use of air conditioners. Usually you can see the motor air conditioner from the balcony than spoils the appearance of the complex. They planned a set so as not to bother you with technical details.

 4. Elegant:  Designers have long worked hard to create the image that you see in the picture, everything looks restrained and at the same time expensive, quiet and very nice, no frills!


Distance to sea: 250 m
Distance from city centre: 1 km
Distance to Alanya 11 km
Distance to the airport in Antalya 135 km
Distance to airport 30 km Gazi pasa


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Детский бассейн
Закрытый бассейн
Комната отдыха
Открытая и закрытая игровые площадки
Охрана 24/7
Спутниковое телевидение
Турецкая баня
Фитнес центр


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