Satın alma rehberi

Buying procedure

NWP HOMES helps you at every stage in order to ensure you will get the best pleasant purchasing process experience . We understand some of our buyers’ concerns, so we have the  resources in place to ensure that all the legal and administrative processes assocıated with buying process are carried out in a highly competent and professional manner.

Payment Options

NWP HOMES offers a wide range of payment options, largely dependent on the property in question. For example, the payment options available for a finished property will differ from those for a property that is being bought off-plan. If you are interested in a property, from the vast range offered by our company, we will discuss which options best suit your needs. We can also arrange the legal services that you need.


Once our customer chooses a property post the free inspection trip and decide to buy the property, we prepare you a sales contract. Our sales contract includes the buyer, seller and property information as well as the agreed conditions and payment received.

Our guarantees to you

  • Buying the property from the actual seller or using a legal and official power of attorney
  • Checking that the property is clear of any debts or mortgages
  • Honouring any conditions written in the contract associated with maintenance or extra services
  • Checking that the construction company have finished all the procedures to extract all paperwork and permits for electricity and water which is called (ISKAN)


What is the documents needed for the buying procedure?

For the buying process to be completed in the right  legal manner the buyer should provide the following documents

  • Tax number registry (passport, mother and fathers name)
  • Passport translation from the notary public
  • Opening a bank account
  • 2 photos
  • Power of attorney if needed

If you are willing to apply for a bank loan we will let you know the documents needed as it varies depending on the bank

For investors and companies kindly check our investors part on our homepage

Whats the cost of the title deed (Tapu)?

TAPU TAX: 4% the registered value of the property at the deed title directorate
Translation and other taxes: 100€

Power of attorney extra costs:
160TL Notary, €50 translator

What is the cost of Electric and water one time subscription fees?


New connection for the electricity gauge: Approx. €60 (once only) · Registration of an existing connection to new owner’s name: Approx. €20 (once only) · Energy cost per kWh:   €0,16


New connection for the water meter: Approx. €60 · Registration of an existing connection to new owner’s name: Approx. €45 · Water cost per m3: Approx. €0,50

What is the annual taxes and services cost for the property?

– Property tax  1% of the property cadastral value defined by the municipality each year.

-Maintenance fee for apartments – between 250 and 900 Euros (depending on property’s size and facilities of the complex).

Can I get a residency permit for me and family using my title deed?

Yes, you can for your spouse and your children who are aged under 18 years old, you can check our residency & citizenship section for more information

Can I bequest my property?

Yes,  subject to the Turkish laws

How long does the buying process need?

2 to 4 working days depending on the paperwork needed

Can I include my wife or other people in my title deed?

Yes, you can add up to 4 people

Can I open a bank account and transfer money in and out turkey?

Yes, it’s very easy and we will help you to do so and advise you based on your needs.