Value added Services & Questions


  • Free pick up service from  Gazi pasa or Antalya airports
  • Our inspection trip includes free Accommodation
  • Several tours to explore the properties & Alanya
  • We support you step by step through your  title deed extraction process
  • Helping you open a bank account and extract any other needed documents
  • Helping you get a bank loan for your property if needed
  • Providing you with the professional legal advice you seek


  • Helping our customers to find the right furniture ,white goods and households needed with the best prices
  • Helping our customers to get their residency permits and health insurance
  • Helping you lease your property upon your request

Why the Turkish Riviera?

  • Moderate climate all around the year
  • The diversity of the topography and nature ranging from beaches to green landscape, rivers and historical
  • The quiet and stress free environment far away from crowded cities
  • The relatively low cost of living, shopping and transportation
  • The friendliness and kind nature of the people living there as they are used to tourists and resident foreigners
  • Ease of reach and access from all countries in Europe and MENA region
  • Diversified water and non-water activities
  • The famous delicious Turkish kitchen

What’s special about the properties?

  • Our properties are handed to our customers completley finished and ready to move in
  • The diversity in the locations and the sights ranging from city center, direct sea access and mountain projects with a panoramic sea view
  • All projects include facilities varying from outdoor and indoor pools and play grounds, Turkish bath and spa center, fitness and gym centers, barbecue and entertainment rooms
  • 24/7 maintenance, security and cleaning provided and supervised by the construction company
  • Diversity in property types and sizes varying from apartments, pent houses to private villas and semi detached villas
  • The possibility of providing a 0% interest rate  payment plan provided by the construction company
  • The high return on the investment  represented by higher future value, rent income, and the benefit of gaining a residency permit for you and your family

Can I get a residency permit for me and family using my title deed?

Yes, you can for your spouse and your children who are aged under 18 years old, you can check our residency & citizenship section for more information

Are there any close airports to Alanya?

Yes, there is 2 airports

  • Gazi pasa airport its 30km away
  • Antalya international airport its 125km away

Can I bequest my property?

Yes,  subject to the Turkish laws

How long does the buying process need?

2 to 4 working days depending on the paperwork needed

Can I include my wife or other people in my title deed?

Yes, you can add up to 4 people

Can I open a bank account and transfer money in and out turkey?

Yes, it’s very easy and we will help you to do so and advise you based on your needs.

Is there any universities or schools and medical care in Alanya & Antalya?

There are several international schools and universities.
There are several hospitals and medical care centres.

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